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Indemnity, Insurable Interest, Utmost Good Faith, Proximate Cause, Subrogation and Contribution. These are fundamental principles in all marine insurance contracts.


At Seafarer Marine, our experienced team will help you navigate policy terms and conditions to ensure you have the right coverages for your marine insurance needs.

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From local charter vessels to luxury yachts and package policy solutions for marinas, we got you covered.

In addition to our underwriting expertise, we offer full-service solutions from billing and policy issuance to claims handling and loss control.

All backed by the financial strength of a leading insurance carrier with an AM Best 'A' rating.

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Expert Claims Handling

Raphael Marine Claims has quickly become the industry leader in handling marine claims, and we have the expertise and network of surveyors to handle everything from recreational fishing boats to multi-million-dollar yachts, anywhere in the world.

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